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Most banks, companies accepting fixed deposits, and other organizations are crediting the amount to the citizens account after TDS. The amount which is deducted as TDS is fairly substantial in many cases. Since there are more deductions available for senior citizens, they are more likely to get a refund if they file their income tax returns on time. If there is a delay in filing returns, the refund amount may be reduced.

Usually people with only a interest income of less than Rs 10,00,00 lakh are more likely to get a refund, It is also advisable to check if the tax consultant or CA has considered all the deductions. For example the domain investor noticed that the bengaluru tax consultant had not considered all the deductions for the retired bank employee while filing the returns in the earlier years.

It is also important to ensure that the contact details of the senior citizen are correctly recorded, in the returns filed. In some cases, like the bengaluru tax consultant, the contact details were not properly entered, some other phone number was entered. The domain investor has also worked with a panaji tax consultant, and there are fewer discrepancies

The bank employee and another senior citizen were paying the bengaluru tax consultant Rs 2500 each or more for filing the returns, and still he refused to answer the senior citizens phone calls . In goa, for the computer filing work alone, the charges are usually Rs 1000 per return, while the tax consultant is paid Rs 3000-Rs 10000 depending on the complexity of the returns being filed

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